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Did you receive a letter or a violation from the FDNY Stating that you are due for the 5 Year Sprinkler Testing? Don’t stress it, the Fire Department requires all buildings with Sprinkler & Standpipe systems to be Tested every 5 Years in front of a FDNY Inspector in order to make sure The system is Safe and functional to protect You & Your property in case of an emergency!

There is a few different types of Testing that the FDNY might request from you as not every system is the same. Here are some Examples below.

-Sprinkler Connection 5 Year Hydrostatic Test-

-Standpipe/Combination Connection 5 Year Hydro & Flow Test-

-FDNY Witnessed 5 Year Dry Valve Trip Test-

-FDNY Witnessed Residential Flow Test-

Did you already receive a violation, Click here!