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Annual Testing

All Annual Testing Is a more involved procedure than Monthly & Quarterly Testing. Not only is this Testing required by FDNY, NFPA 25, and Insurance Companies but it also helps you Save money by doing all necessary testing and keeping the system in top shape to stop it from failing later. The procedures for these inspections vary between Sprinkler/Standpipe systems, and they often require physically testing of the system. See below some examples of Annual Testing needed for some types of systems. Call us today for a free consultation so we can explain to you what exactly is needed for your type of System!

-Annual Main Drain Test-

-Annual Standpipe Report-

-Annual Dry Valve Trip Test-

-Annual Fire Pump Flow Test-

-Annual Residential Flow Test-


Fire Pump Testing in New York City

NFPA 25 and all fire departments require monthly and annual fire pump testing for correct flow. When this is done regularly, fire safety engineers can spot leaks and potential issues before they become something worse, saving you time and money down the road.

Our qualified testers at Five Borough Sprinkler can accurately test both centrifugal pumps and vertical turbine pumps and provide you detailed reports on your sprinkler system’s current health, as well as a verbal explanation to ensure you understand the results. One of the most telling signs of a problem is a sharp drop in water pressure. If we find this, we’ll act quickly to identify the source of the problem before it gets worse.

sprinkler room

What’s a Fire Pump?

A fire pump is an essential part of the water supply for many fire sprinkler systems. They can be powered by electric, diesel, or steam, and they’re typically used in places where the city water system can’t provide enough pressure for the system’s design requirements. If these are not regularly inspected and maintained to NFPA standards, then your system may not function properly when you need it most.

Your Monthly Fire Pump Testing

Your monthly inspection involves a non-flow fire pump testing, sometimes referred to as a “churn” test. It is largely a visual inspection that involves tracking the water pressure gauge over the course of 10 minutes and inspecting pipes, nuts, and glands for anything unusual. If a small fix is required, such as adjusting a loose nut, it is often done on-site and is considered part of the inspection.

Your Annual Fire Pump Testing

Once a year, you’re required to do fire pump flow testing. This is a fairly involved test that involves actually discharging water into a safe location and tracking the water and voltage. This test allows engineers to confirm a sprinkler system is working properly. If a pump is not working as expected, this signals that repairs may be in order.

Do I Need Any Other Testing for My Fire Pumps?

Most modern fire pumps are run by electric motors and only require the monthly and annual testing described above. However, those with diesel engine fire pumps must have their system tested weekly.

You may want to consider testing the amount of antifreeze in your wet pipe sprinkler system. If the proportions are too low, then your pipes are still at risk of freezing and bursting come winter.

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