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A lot of our customers are misinformed regarding the Fire Alarm Testing so we’d like to give a brief explaining regarding the proper Testing of Fire Alarm Systems in NYC. The Fire Alarm Testing is divided into 2 sides.

One is needed to be done by a Fire Alarm Contractor for devices such as smoke detectors, The Fire Alarm Panel, etc.

The other is needed to be done by a Fire Sprinkler Contractor for all devices related to Fire Sprinkler & Standpipe, such as Waterflow Alarms, Hi/Low Air Supervisory switches & Tamper Switches. There is also another type of Sprinkler Alarm Device that is completely powered by Water, This device is installed with building without an active Fire Alarm Panel.

Maintaining All of your Fire Alarm devices in good condition is critical as these devices let the Fire Department know to respond to your building for an Emergency.