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Avoid a Fire Sprinkler Violation in New York City

If you’ve received a fire sprinkler violation from the FDNY, DCB, or DOB, don’t panic! Five Borough Sprinkler has got you covered. Is it an emergency? We also provide 24/7 emergency services for fast, effective repairs.

What Happens When I Receive a Fire Sprinkler Violation?

A Fine Is Issued, and a Cure Date Is Assigned

When an inspection discovers a violation, you will be issued a fine and a “cure date,” which is the date by which you must remedy your violation and file the necessary paperwork. The cure date is approximately 30 days following the issue of the violation.

If the Cure Date Is Missed, You Will Be Assigned a Court Date

If you are unable to address the violation and submit the paperwork on time, you will be appointed a court date. Often, these proceedings result in fines regardless of if you have made corrections within the interim period. If you do remove your violation before the court date, however, definitely don’t skip the court date.

red sign that says "sprinklers throughout building"
If the Cure Date and the Court Date Are Missed, a Second Fine Is Issued, and You Must Request a New Court Date with the ECB

Missing the court date, whether you’ve addressed the violation or not, will result in an additional fine. You will also be required to request a new court date with the Environmental Control Board.

Common Sprinkler Violations

Many sprinkler fire code violations are easily fixed, but some may require critical emergency repairs. Check out some of the most common violations we see.

  • Combustibles are too close to the ceiling. They must be kept at least 24 inches from the ceiling and may not be stored beneath unprotected stairways.
  • Sprinkler heads do not have the required 18 inches of clearance around them.
  • Access to the sprinkler riser is blocked or objects have been stored within three feet of the riser.
  • Lack or absence of signage throughout buildings.
  • The building does not have at least six spare sprinkler heads and a sprinkler head wrench in the sprinkler head cabinet.
  • Doors to the sprinkler riser room are not correctly labeled or not labeled at all.

As you can see, many of these only need simple fixes. For those that are a bit more difficult, such as a sprinkler head that is too close to the wall and needs to be relocated, Five Borough Sprinkler can help. We will craft a plan unique to your building and violation and ensure that we solve your concerns before your cure date, giving you plenty of time to complete the paperwork you’ll need to submit to the courthouse.

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